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It's not just leather.  It's a lifestyle.

Welcome to Luxury

100% Genuine Exotic Leather Products

There is a reason that 35 Burgundy has made a worldwide buzz at such a fast pace: We want you to have the best, and we want you to have it without paying a ridiculous amount. Our products use the best natural exotic leathers and have gone through a journey filled with love and care. We believe in quality, we believe in simplicity. and most importantly, we believe in seeing you satisfied. 

That is the least you deserve.

Brand new
Luxury Goods


A story on its own.

A collection of the finest crocodile and python leather handbags, wallets and other goods made with passion and dedication.


All items of our Exclusive Collection are limited in quantities. We do this to maintain the status, quality, and exclusivity of each item in an effort to provide our customers with something truly unique. 

To order an item from the Exclusive Collection, Kindly get in touch with us via Instagram or what's app at +97152-1717187

Exclusive Collection
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